Pecking Order

by Ditch Effort

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released February 17, 2015




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Ditch Effort New York, New York

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Track Name: She Wants to Wait
She wants to wait and that okay
She says that she just wants to wait
When she gets hurt I numb the pain
And I'm her Novocain

She wants to wait and thats okay
She says that she just wants to wait
She says the feelings come in waves
and I'm the moon of her brain

She stopped outside under the rain
And cried "I simply cannot stay"
Then told me I was not to blame
The lies were raindrops on her face

My friends say she's a passing phase
In no time I'l forget her name
Cuz they treat love like its a game
A contact sport that I don't play
Track Name: Girlfriend
I want the girl with the nose ring she is
Dancing in the front row looking so hot
I want the girl with the pale neck bruises
Leaning on the back wall with her arms crossed

I want a girl that will tell me secrets
Put her lips to my ear and whisper so soft
I want a girl that can make good music
Rock and roll back and forth til we're both shot

I want a girlfriend
I want a girl

I want a girl that makes my ex look stupid
Standing hands to her hips on a soap box
I want a girl that wont quit when shes losing
sticks it out face to face with the stacked odds
I want a girl who can feel good naked
In the nude making food wearing tube socks
I want a girl I can share my sheets with
rock and roll back and forth til were both shot

I want a girlfriend
I want a girl
Track Name: Vultures
Flat all my 3rds
like a sad sappy sucker
Scratch out my thoughts
into neat little lines

Fly with the flock
of cannibal buzzards
Who feed off themselves
as they circle the sky

Wear all my scars
like that badges of honor
I earned one by one
and one at a time

Cut through my heart
like a hot knife through butter
tear out my hair
and claw out my eyes
Track Name: FUCKUP!
Don't wake me up when you get home
Being this fucked's exhausting
You've had a long day on the phones
I know you're sick of talking
Don't let me let you down again
I can't be fucking trusted
Don't blame yourself for things I did
I'm bent on self destruction
Track Name: Sink or Swim
In this game two can play and I'm not out yet
I'm holding on
Track Name: Ready_Or_Not
Come on say you'll
Save me a spot
I'm on the same
Page you're on
The weight of these words
Is thickening the plot
and here comes the twist
ready or not

The car window sill
is getting too hot
I open the roof
your hair is in knots
and turn up the tunes
some radio pop
i'm falling for you
ready or not

The night we first met
I couldn't sleep at all
the moment you left
I wish you hadn't gone
I'm so hot for you
I'm ready to erupt
so here goes the truth
Ready or not
Track Name: The Real World
Hold me until always
pour out your heart til I say when
Hold me until always
I'll spill my guts for my friends
Track Name: Last Semester
Oh its such a waste of time
to wait to be living while you're alive
Track Name: Congratulations, You deserve it
Down the drain, Down the toilette
I hope you're happy I hope it was worth it